Red Yucca Flower


The Red Yucca (Hesperaloe parviflora), is a member of the Agave Family. A favorite with hummingbirds, it has long flower stalks just covered with pink tube shaped flowers that last most of the summer - even in the desert heat. These bright flowers are amazingly resilient and always seem to look their best, even when it is 105 degrees outside. Russell carved this articulated pendant in wax and casts it in 4 parts before finishing each component and putting them all together. A permanent and elegant reminder of grace under pressure, it looks lovely on a strand of pearls as well. In Sterling made from 100% recycled silver. Measures 1.85" (47mm) long by .5" (13 mm) wide.
Chain sold separately.

Pendant shown is Bronze and Sterling. Also available in all sterling from 100% recycled silver (or in bronze with shibuichi).

Made by hand to order please allow 3-4 weeks

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