Dogwood pendant


Driving through Missouri, Texas or just about anywhere in the South during the early spring, you can move along the forested roads and see the great skeletons of trees waiting to leaf out. And then, all of a sudden, you're awakened from some reverie by a sea of white butterflies. What? How can that be? So you slow your car way down and look closer... then you see it, the miracle; the Dogwoods are out. The true harbingers of Spring are floating in the forest like some ancient butterflies from another time. These flowers never cease to surprise, delight and encourage us. We hope that Russell's carving of the lovely Dogwood brings you back to a simpler place and time, a magical forest full of white butterflies.
1.75" long (40mm) and 1.10" (27mm) wide... In Sterling made from 100% recycled silver.
Includes 18" sterling chain

Made by hand to order please allow 3-4 weeks

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